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Street/Complex Groups

How can I get involved?

Complete the registration form

You will be contacted by someone from LS4 to take you through the process.


Below a graphic representation of the street groups defined in our area:


The aim of this voluntary community action is to achieve a safer, open, more friendly and involved community.

The LS4 CPSF area has been divided in 36 street/complex groups, with the following being implemented in phases:

Whatsapp Groups

  • A whatsapp group has been created for each of the 36 street groups. The purpose of the whatsapp group is not to report emergencies (use the radio or emergency phone number to do this), but rather for communication of any crime related activity (e.g. suspect persons and vehicles) within the street group’s area. Actual crimes may also be posted, but must be reported to the JOC by means of the radio system or the emergency phone number. Do not rely on whatsapp for emergencies!

Buddy System

  • This is a system where each household must have the contact details of the 8 neighbouring households (3 behind, 2 next door and 3 in front). This must be implemented by each individual household.

Street/Complex Coordinators

  • Street/Complex coordinators must be identified for each street group and complex. The function of these coordinators is to act as liaison between the street group/complex and the CPSF. In order to do this, the coordinator should:

    • Attend all bi-monthly LS4 CPSF Meetings

    • Assist with distributing information and registration documents to residents

    • Provide feedback to the CPSF management on all relevant street matters

    • Meet and maintain contact with every person in the allocated street and help update central database

    • Identify and report security risk plots, houses or open areas as well as vulnarable persons or families

    • Communicate successes and improvements

    • Motivate street members to get to know their neighbours (Buddy System) and implement a Ken-Mekaar actions (e.g. street braais, etc.)

    • Motivate members to participate in LS4 initiatives, patrols and JOC Duty

    • Motivate members to acquire personal radios

    • Promote attendance of the bi-monthly CPSF meeting

    • Report relevant street information to CPSF management

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