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About the CPSF

The environment we operate in


LS4 is much more than just a neighbourhood policing forum. It is a community service operation that brings the neighbourhood back together and in touch with each other.


Below an explanation on the environment, we operate in for the benefit of our community:

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Welriet NPC 

A Non-Profit Company with voluntary contributory membership by members of the community. In order to fulfil its mandate, the CPSF requires equipment (e.g. bullet proof vests and lights for the patrollers, as well as radio equipment, furniture, etc.) and funds (for e.g. office rental, radio licensing, telephone accounts, etc.). The purpose of the NPC is to act as an enabler for the CPSF, by providing financial and logistical support. Without this support, the CPSF will not be able to function effectively.


For more information go to their website

Security Companies


Are responders. You pay them to respond to an incident. We are fortunate in that the security companies in our area do patrol, however they cannot do lots of patrols as they need to be central to respond to your call.

  • They may not search vehicles without SAPS

  • They may not enter your property unless you have signed with them.


The following companies are currently active and provide support in our Area:






S & G


City of Tshwane

To help more efficient enforcement of municipal regulations by municipal police or metro police. This certainly helps in pressurising the latter through continuous liaison with the authorities to ensure that such services are indeed provided.


City of Tshwane website <<>      




  • SAPS can search a suspicious vehicle.

  • They make arrests and investigate scenes.

  • SAPS may not remove anyone from a premises where they deem to reside without a court order.


SAPS Information on CPF





  • TMPD -attend to ▪︎road traffic-, Bylaw infringements and Crime Prevention. 

  • Can stop and search a suspicious person or vehicle. 

  • Can make crime related arrests.

  • Removal of people from properties deemed to be their residence TMPD may only act on municipal property sometimes with or without a court order (Depending on complaint) 


TMPD Website





We are the eyes and ears for SAPS, TMPD and other role players. We are volunteers who 

  • Monitor an emergency number and radio 24/7

  • Do patrols in the area being visible and ensuring the safety of our community 

  • We may not search vehicles without SAPS

  • We may not enter your property without your permission.


We collect crime information on an on-going basis to determine emerging crime tendencies. We also liaise with neighbouring community safety networks and share information towards a holistic, pro-active solution.



Specialised Services


We have access to ambulances and paramedics in cases of medical emergencies.




JOC Operators

The JOC is manned 24/7 by community volunteers, from home where members are on stand-by. They are equipped with area maps, two-way radio, cell phones as well as manual with instructions and emergency handling procedures. The JOC Duty officer has communication with the SAPS and all relevant role players and can communicate with most emergency services in the area.


            We can summarise the objectives of LS4 patrols as:

  • Eyes and Ears of SAPS.

  • Provide a support role to the community.

  • Provide a support role to SAPS.

  • Ensure visible ‘policing’ during peak crime times.

  • Deter criminal activity in the LS4 area.

VEC (Victim empowerment Centre)

Certified Trauma councillors offer their time to help with counselling when required.         

After a traumatic crime incident, they offer 3-hour counselling to members of this community.

First aid responders are also available on volunteering basis to assist until medical trained staff arrive on the scene.


Street group Admins

       Street group admins watch the security street groups in our area and forward relevant information for action.

       They will also share information from LS4 to the community on the street groups.



Free training is provided to Volunteers at the Joint Operations Centre, with a refresher done annually.



Supporting Infrastructure


Our Joint Operations Centre (JOC)

 JOC (Which is portable) is manned 24/7 by volunteers from the community, during normal working hours and after hours where members are on stand-by. The JOC Duty officer has communication with the SAPS and other relevant role players and can communicate with most emergency services in the area. Volunteers are given the necessary training required to man the post.

A 24/7 radio network

Supported by a repeater station with dedicated frequencies ensuring wide and clear radio reception throughout the Lyttelton Sector 4 area is available to all members with personal radios.

Our repeaters also have backup power to last the loadshedding experienced.

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