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J​oin LS4 CPSF


Options to report a case:

1. Call 10111

ENSURE you receive a reference number

2. Visit a Police station

Ensure you have all the relevant information with you, including:

  • The name of the individual involved

  • Or a very clear description

  • Exact location of the incident

  • As close as possible timeframe of the incident

  • A full description of what happened

  • Detail of eyewitnesses if any

What information to provide when reporting suspicious activity

Refer to the below graphics to guide you in the information that can help in acting on the incident faster:

LS4 Emergency number

How to:


When reporting any incident answer the following questions for yourself and provide this information to the person taking your call:


WHO    - Identify yourself to the person your report incident too

WHAT  - Be specific with what is happening or happened

WHERE – Be specific and precise on the location of the incident

WHAT   - What help or assistance is required

WHY    - Why is this help needed

HOW    - Give detail about the incident and how you want it to be handled


Identify a suspicious person


Some points to look out for determining a person is or act suspicious:

  • Same person walks past the same house around five times in a short period of time

  • Same person is sitting on the same area for 30 minutes or more

  • People are looking into houses without having any reason to.

What does not count as suspicious:

  • People walking in the street. They have the right to.

  • People taking pictures in the street. It is a public space and is allowed to take pictures.


To report a suspicious person


First ensure that the person actually do something that is suspicious based on the guidelines.

When reporting, ensure you provide the follow:


  • The clothes the person is wearing, referring to the guidelines provided under What information to provide when reporting Suspicious activity.

  • Exact time you observed the suspicious behaviour

  • Exact location you observed the suspicious behaviour

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