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Reacting to a problem has never been the solution. However, acting on a solution prevents problems.

The police, citizens, community leaders, business owners, schools, churches, government departments, etc. must become equal partners against crime.


Who can Join LS4?

Everybody staying or working in the Sector as identified under the Sector Boundaries, are automatically part of LS4. You only need to request to be added to the groups.


Why should I volunteer?


A community that looks after itself is a safer community.

The more people volunteering the bigger impact we can make.

LS4 mainly focus on “community in distress volunteering” i.e.:

When any person within the sector is in distress, a trained volunteer is ready and able to get the correct services to assist the person.

What if everyone believed, “someone else will volunteer” and one of your family members is in distress and there are no volunteer’s available to assist?

There are several ways for you to contribute to your community’s safety and wellbeing:

  • LS4 patrollers

  • LS4 JOC Operators

  • Trauma councillors

  • First Aid

  • Community Groups Administrators

  • Become a contributing member of Welriet NPC


There is always time made for some fun activities.

LS4 Emergency number

How to:

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