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Patroller Checklist


The information contained in this document is put together based on what has proven to be useful in other areas where community patrolling has been successfully applied. While these are guidelines, and not absolutes, it would of great value to the reader to try and put together a tool kit, and arm himself with knowledge. This will enable the community patroller to minimise any risk to him or herself, and be confident in his ability to protect his community. With a bit of practice, a patroller will be equipped to deal with most situations that may arise in the neighbourhood.


  • Boots (or shoes with decent ankle support)

  • Long trousers

  • Dark clothing (It might be helpful to not be visible at times)

  • Sturdy belt (to attach belt kit)

  • Appropriate clothes (eg. Rain jacket, warm jacket in winter etc…)

Personal Equipment

  • Radio

  • Bullet proof vest

  • Pepper Spray

  • Torch

  • Handcuffs/Cable Ties

  • First Aid Kit

  • GPS/Mapbook


  • Mechanically Sound

  • At least quarter tank of petrol

  • LS4 decals

  • Spotlight

  • Tow rope

  • Jumper Cables


  • Law Knowledge (specifically Criminal Procedure Act, Schedule 1, Private citizens arrests)

  • Knowledge of the area, escape routes, threats, criminal modus operandi

  • Immediate Action Plans (For when an incident occurs)

  • Searching of suspects & Searching of vehicles

  • Arrest Techniques

  • Crime Scene management

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