Joint Operations Centre

Our CPSF Control Centre or JOC is situated above the FORUM outlet in the Elardus Park Centre in Barnard Street:

The JOC is manned 24/7 by community volunteers, during normal working hours at the JOC and after hours from home where members are on stand-by. They are equiped with area maps, two-way radio and base station, cellphones as well as manual with instructions and emergency handling procedures. The JOC Duty officer has communication with the SAPS and is able to communicate with most emergency services in the area.

Volunteers for 2-hour shifts are given the necessary training required to man the post and are briefed on all aspects of the mainly administrative task:

  • Issue radio id code
  • New members
  • SAPS Pick & Pay vouchers
  • Queries

Control staff will also be briefed on how to handle the 2-way radio for announcements or handling incidents. Observation Skills.

The Roster Coordinator is Katie Heystek and you can phone her on 0725226980. If you are willing to help out with this very important part of our initiative. Joint Operation Centre’s duty roster.