Buddy System


The aim of this voluntary community action is to achieve a safer, open, more friendly and involved community.

Sub-sector Leaders (Nine Sub-Sectors)

  • Represent the sub-sector on all CPSF management forums and provide feedback to Block Leaders
  • Chair all Sub-sector meetings
  • Organise Sub-sector (social)
  • Recruit and Appoint Block Leaders and Block Leader Secundi
  • Maintain communication channel and motivate Block leaders to support CPSF goals
  • Develop & implement reaction plan in conjunction with the Operational Committee
  • Maintain central database with member and business information
  • Coordinate members training
  • Report to Workgroup meeting
  • Drive Objectives and Goals

Block Leaders (Five Leaders and five Secundi per Sector)

  • Attend all LS4 CPSF Meetings
  • Chair all Block meetings and represent the Block on all Sub-sector Forums
  • Organise the community in the Block (social)
  • Recruit and Appoint Street Coordinators
  • Provide feedback to the Sub-sector Leader on all relevant Block matters
  • Provide information, maintain contact and motivate the street coordinators and community
  • Ensure all incidents are properly recorded with Control
  • Coordinate weekly radio rollcall en communicate results to C2
  • Coordinate and implement reaction plan in block
  • Coordinate recruitment of new members and help update central members database
  • Motivate members to participate in LS4 initiatives, patrols and Ops Room Duty
  • Motivate the community to support the CPSF goals and objectives

Street/Complex Coordinator

  • Attend all LS4 CPSF Meetings and represent street members at Block Meetings
  • Assist with distributing information and registration documents to residents
  • Provide feedback to the Block Leader on all relevant street matters
  • Meet and maintain contact with every person in the allocated street and help update central database
  • Identify en report security risk plots, houses or open areas as well as vulnarable persons or families
  • Communicate successes and improvements
  • Motivate street members to get to know their neighbours (Buddy System) and implement a Ken-Mekaar
  • Motivate members to participate in LS4 initiatives, patrols and Ops Room Duty
  • Motivate members to acquire personal radios
  • Promote attendance of the monthly CPSF meeting
  • Report relevant street information to Block Leader