Welcome to Lyttelton Sector 4 Community Police Sub-Forum

South Africa is divided into many policing precincts which are managed by a SA Police Station. Each precinct is divided into smaller sectors and each sector is divided into even smaller sub-sectors, blocks and streets. The suburbs Elardus Park, Rietvalleirand, Rietvallei Park, Waterkloof Agricultural Holdings, Wingate Park and Erasmuskloof (South of Solomon Mahlangu) fall within the Lyttelton Police Station precinct and the area is designated Lyttelton Sector 4. A Community Police Sub-Forum (CPSF) in terms of the Interim Regulations for Community Police Forums and Boards (Sections 18-23 of the South African Police Service Act, Act No 68 of 1995;has been established to assist the SA Police in combating crime in our area. To achieve this it was necessary to establish an Operations Centre to manage the affairs of the CPSF.

The aim of the volunteer community action is to, through pro-active initiatives effect a safer, open, friendlier and involved community. We aim to restore a sense of security among the residents in the area, create a safe environment and to create awareness of the unique crime problems in our area and finding solutions thereto.

In order to realise this we have….

Welriet NPC – A Non-Profit Company  with voluntary contributory membership. In order to fulfil its mandate, the CPSF requires equipment (e.g. bullet proof vests and lights for the patrollers, as well as radio equipment, furniture, etc.) and funds (for e.g. office rental, radio licensing, telephone accounts, etc.). The purpose of the NPC is to act as an enabler for the CPSF, by providing financial and logistical support. Without this support, the CPSF will not be able to function effectively.

Our Joint Operations Centre (JOC) is presently situated in room C104b of the The Park Shopping Centre on the corner of Barnard Street and Delmas Road and is manned between 08h00 and 14h00. The JOC (Which is portable) is manned 24/7 by community volunteers, during normal working hours  and after hours where members are on stand-by. The JOC Duty officer has communication with the SAPS and other relevant role players and is able to communicate with most emergency services in the area. Volunteers are given the necessary training required to man the post.

A 24/7 radio network supported by a repeater station with dedicated frequencies ensuring wide and clear radio reception throughout the Lyttelton Sector 4 area is available to all members with personal radios.

Visible patrols are the biggest deterrent for criminals in a neighbourhood. A number of volunteers are actively involved in patrolling our area. The patrollers do not get actively involved in dangerous situations.

Ward Councillors buy-in to help more efficient enforcement of municipal regulations by municipal police or metro police. This certainly helps in pressurising the latter through continuous liaison with the authorities to ensure that such services are indeed provided.

Crime Intel We collect crime information on an on-going basis in an attempt to determine emerging crime tendencies. We also liaise with neighbouring community safety networks and share information towards a holistic, pro-active solution.